For months now the entire world was waiting for the glamourus and highly talked about wedding between princ Harry and the „Suits“ star Meghan Markle, and it finally happened! Last Saturday millions of people got to see the royal couple getting married at Windsor Castle, nearby London. Although Harry and Meghan decided to scale down their wedding, especially in comparison to the wedding of princ Harry’s parents princess Diana and prince Charles in 1981 or his brother prince William and Kate Middleton in 2011, inviting only 600 guests to their wedding in the Windsor Castle chapel. Following the public and televised ceremony, their royal and celebrity guests were invited for lunch inside the Castle, hosted by the Queen, which was closed to the public eye. The security measures were so strict that even stars like George and Amal Clooney, Oprah, Elton John, the Beckhams or Tom Hardy weren’t allowed to bring their cellphones.

Not many details of the wedding lunch are known so far, but we do know that the tradition of drinking Croatian wine on royal occassions was continued. Namely, one of the Queen’s favourite wine, traminac from the Croatian region Ilok, also known as „golden traminac“ , was served with a serious of delicious courses during the wedding feast.

wine glasses
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Croatia is very well known for its excellent wine and food, which is one of the great passions of princess Meghan, who used to write about fashion, travel and cuisine on her blog „Tig“. Since the strict rules of enterting the royal family means giving up all social media, princess Meghan had to give up her Instagram and Twitter profile, as well as her blog, but we doubt that her passion for great wines, food and travel disappeared with them. The perfect combination of Meghan Markle’s passions is Croatia, especially the south coast and Dubrovnik, offering amazing food, delicious and well-know wine in breath taking surroundings. The Dubrovnik reagion, especially smaller towns like Mlini and Plat, is therefore the top holiday destination for celebrities for years now. The numerous private villas, such as Villa Orlando, offer incredible views of the coastline, the city of Dubrovnik and the light blue Adriatic. The private terraces of Villa Orlando offer seclusion and make the perfect spot to enjoy a glass of the royal wedding wine, while relaxing on one’s honeymoon.

Dubrovnik old town roofs. Aerial view. Cityscape of Dubrovnik with bird’s eye view. Travel to Croatia. Source: BigStock

Although the destination of prince Harry and princess Meghan’s honeymoon is still kept secret, there is no doubt that the adventorous spirit of this couple could be well matched with what Croatia has to offer.


On Saturday, May 19th, in the chapel of Windsor castle, the new princ and princess exchanged vows amongst the royal family members and celebrity friends such as Oprah Winfrey, Idris Elba, David i Victoria Beckham, Tom Hardy, the full cast of „Suits“, James Corden, Amal and George Clooney , and many others.

As soon as the royal couple got engaged, the rumours about the wedding details started to buzz. The biggest mystery was Meghan Markle’s wedding dress, which was held secret until the moment she stepped out of the car infront of Windsor castle. Suprisingly, she didn’t choose the British haute couture couple Ralph and Russo, but instead decided on an elegant and simple wedding dress by Givanchy, a hommage to the classic style of the 1960s and 1970s, resembling the style icon and Givanchy’s favourite muse, Audry Hepburn.

Besides the wedding dress and the above mentioned guest list, princ Harry and princess Meghan’s honeymoon destination has also been a topic of speculation. Although the couple is known for their humanitarian work, especially in Africa, some other, more romantic destinations were also on the list of possible honeymoon destinations, such as Fiji, Hawai, numerous exotic islands, as well as Croatia. Many considered it to be likely that Croatia, especially the Dubrovnik region, would be one of the stops on the honeymooner’s itinirary, considering that princ Harry’s father, princ Charles and his wife Camilla often chose Croatia as their holiday destination.

Dubrovnik Old Town in Croatia, aerial view
Old Town of Dubrovnik

The Dubrovnik region has several advantages when it comes to celebrity holidays – besides being a paradise on earth with numerous beaches, beautiful, historic cities, clear blue sea and untouched islands scattered all over the Adriatic, it is also a very safe, secluded and private destination, which would allow pinc Harry and princess Meghan a honeymoon away from the eyes of the papparazzi and the world.

The small little towns surronding Dubrovnik, such as Plat and Mlini, offer luxrious villas, private beaches and vast secluded properties, perfect for a royal honeymoon.

One of those villas is the newly built Villa Orlando, which can accomodate up to 10 people in 5 spacious and modernly decorated bedrooms. Several private terraces and balconies offer incredibly views of the Adriatic, the Dubrovnik riviera and charming islands. Villas like Villa Orlando are often occupied by celebrity guests during many recent filmings in Dubrovnik and the surrounding areas, like the famous series Game of Thrones, as well as movies like Star Wars and Mamma Mia. Will princ Harry and princes Meghan take the advice of their celebrity couple friends, Amal and George Clooney, and choose one of the villas on the Adriatic coast, it remains to be seen…

Villa Orlando, Plat